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Hershey’s Ad Campaign Causes Epic Meltdown



Life as what the Left calls a “TERF” (trans-exclusionary radical feminist), seems to be perpetually plagued by fresh affronts to our womanhood. This time it’s a Hershey’s ad campaign, in honor of International Womens’ Day, touting a “trans” male, that sent the hashtag #HersheysHatesWomen soaring.

The fact that genetic males are being allowed to inflict their fantasy of womanhood on sports, media, politics, and every other aspect of daily life has been demoralizing to say the least. Men have, and always will, rule the world. That is the way God made us. However, women, who are now able to do the many things we have been historically prohibited from as the “weaker sex”, lose that hard-won value when men playing dress-up decide they want to join the “club”.

There is a pervasive lie in the trans community that claims they just want “acceptance”, when in fact they want everyone to celebrate and/or kowtow to their delusions. If you do not wish to comply, they immediately resort to the finger-pointing and name-calling they accuse everyone else of doing. Ironically, their claims that they hope to see a world where everyone is accepted does not include those who disagree and disapprove.

Transitioning has always been a dangerous prospect, but the Left has consistently ignored the science, and instead, seek to indoctrinate pre-adolescent children to begin the dangerous process. When children and teens are told they are confused, it confuses them – simple as that.

Children and teens are particularly pliable and impressionable, which is why the Left has dominated the education in our country for far too long. We need more teachers who are not on some ideological jihad against the Christian ideals our country was built on, and less teachers like this.

When civility amongst humans is based on those immutable, or in the case of “transitioners”, optional traits, we all lose the who, making decisions based on the what. Who we are is leaps and bounds more important than what we are.

Sadly, if everything is based on the surface – as the Biden administration recently celebrated – and we aren’t allowed to dig deeper because that “surface” is protected and promoted – by Hersheys, the Left, and other “woke” entities – we end up with nothing but superficial, shallow people, character, and relationships.

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