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Sanctuary City Dumping Illegal Immigrants on Non-Sanctuary Suburbs



Since Ron DeSantis flew illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard last September, the fight over who’s responsible for the huge influx of ‘unhoused’ (not a word) immigrants has continued to escalate.

The irony lies in the fact that all of the areas most adversely effected by illegal immigration on our Southern border are staunchly conservative, and support legal immigration only. The many, many ‘blue’ cities across the nation that claimed they would be ‘sanctuaries’ for the onslaught, have drastically changed their views, as governors of red states continue to bus and fly the illegal immigrants to their so-called ‘sanctuaries’.

In the stark reality of ‘be careful what you wish for’, the Democratic mayors of these sanctuary cities now have the audacity to complain that they are overwhelmed. Eric Adams (D), mayor of NYC, could be the ringleader of the hypocritical ideologues, as he now seeks to dispose of the mass of inhumanity he has been forced to contend with, at the unwelcome behest of Republicans, determined to hold their counterparts across the aisle accountable.

According to Breitbart: New York Executive Ed Day (R) [claims] New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) didn’t warn local officials about his plan to send migrants to Rockland County.

Day stated, “We had to figure it out ourselves…the Mayor and the Mayor’s office were not giving any details. We had to figure out through investigation exactly where this was going to be. We figured out what hotel it was. We got information that told us how many people were coming. They consistently refused to tell us when they were coming. So, they left us no choice. We have no idea what’s happening. And I resent the fact that somehow Mayor Adams thinks he has a hold on humanity and treating people well. He’s doing these folks no favors. What the Mayor is doing right now is taking people, trying to have New York City homeless shelters outside New York City, in direct violation of zoning laws.”

He continued, “We have a situation where the Mayor of New York decided he wanted [to be] a sanctuary [city], and he got it. And now he realized he bit off more than he can chew and he can’t handle it. So, he wants to take these poor folks and dump them wherever.”

This is a developing story.

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